Hi, I’m Johannes – a 21 year old guy from Norway studying Sociology and Human Geography at Durham University, UK.

On this blog I’ll write about whatever is on my mind at any given time. It’ll serve as a space for me to write about, and reflect on, thoughts that would otherwise get stuck in my head – or simply spew out some brain vomit.

Writing, I think, is something we could all do more of. Whenever I actually write, I tend to enjoy it. But after many years in school and university, I’ve come to think about writing as a chore. I’d like to change that. I love to create, but I don’t do it enough.

I sometimes make music, and I’m dabbling with some poetry too, so I might channel some of my creative endeavours on this blog as well.

I’m writing this blog is mostly for own sake. Writing helps thinking, exploring, expressing. As such, posts will be explorations into ideas – not exactly well polished/formulated/articulated essays. But hey, if you read this, I always appreciate feedback!

As Michel Foucault once said:

“I have enjoyed this discussion with you because I’ve changed my mind since we started.”

Thanks for reading! 🙂